Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Winds Of Change

I am a creature of habit... I am not a short timer, I stay at the same place as long as possible regardless of the situatiton...WHY?....Because I Hate Change.....I like knowing that every Friday our hospital cafeteria will have fish, and lemon pepper and buffalo hot wings. And every Friday at 1:15pm they will be out of all three. I like knowing every security guard,housekeeper,staff member in our small hospital. But due to Obamanomic's my position has been.....CUT........ and I am devastated......I will however, be able to transfer to one of our sister hospitals...but, you know what that means, new faces, new friends...And I like the ones I have now just fine....I have invested the past fifteen years in this little hospital, and to some this would be exciting.....But to me, it's unbelievably terrifying....I try to believe that, when god closes a door he opens another. It's just hard for me to see thru all the fog right know......I will keep you posted........


Anonymous said...

I love you Angie! You won't lose me no matter where you go. I'll hunt you down like a dog!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie! Don't worry about change. You will not be new for long. Remember God will not take you where the Grace of
God cannot protect you.
Love always,
Aunt G.