Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Quiet Birthday

Today, was my birthday, I woke up to a card from my husband about getting old...I never said he was a charmer...but he tries....Checked my email, had some very nice birthday greetings from some good friends....THANKS FRIENDS....And I had an even more interesting one from a NEW friend, apparently he had saw my profile on face book and the chemistry was magical....I was being promised moonlight walks and sunsets under waterfalls....he was smitten....."Oh, of course I looked him up". My curiosity was killing me, he looked about sixteen...All I could think of was that A).I reminded him of his mother.... or B). He doesn't care that I am married. or C). This kid has no clue that I'm on the back side of fifty...All I do know, is he was probably smoking crack when he was looking at my profile...If he was that turned on...... Of course my daughter quickly set me straight, telling me that these letters happen all the time, and it was probably some hoax.....Thanks for raining on my birthday parade.....(There went my sunset waterfall fantasy's).

Other than that small amount of middle age excitement my birthday was very low key...I did however manage to update my resume, something that hasn't been done in over fifteen years...I'll admit, I look pretty good on paper.....My evening ended with a lovely Italian dinner with my family, and a homemade fruit tart... my favorite.....MY DAUGHTER IS AWESOME....

Tonight, I will wash my face, access the damage that the past has caused. Thank God for my numerous blessing...Pray that this year, I do more for him than me...

Happy Birthday Angie

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