Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Apology (Kinda)

I posted something the other day on my humility of a Resume post, and I am afraid I may have offended people...To anyone I have offended I am deeply sorry....I am not the kind of person who thinks before speaking, or in this case friends say I have an outside voice and most definitely speak what's on my mind......This is very true, not always the best thing....but it's me......I made a comment about people not liking to work with an obese person with halitosis in that post and that comment has actually bothered me.... First of all, I don't want to offend anyone who is struggling with weight issues...this is a very sensitive subject to me for many reason, I have struggled with weight problems my entire adult life...Always needing to lose weight, and not in a I got to drop ten pounds before swimsuit season either...more like...where in the world are they going to get enough material to cover my butt for a swimsuit....way.......At my heaviest I weighed 284lbs.....I WAS the obese co-worker (without the halitosis).It wasn't until I bought a size 22 dress that I knew I needed a change.....I started cutting my meals in half and lost over one hundred pounds...Every day continues to be a struggle...on a stressful day or a really hormonal day, food isn't safe around me....Tuesday, I ate six chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies between Wal-Mart and my home ( about two miles). Carrot sticks and celery will never taste like that.....I will struggle with this problem as long as I live, or until fat is the new thin.....Either way it not a joking matter, and I hope no one was offended.........

The Queen

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alliesgg said...

Can't imagine why we have become so polically correct that we cannot joke about ourselves. We cannot take ourselves too seriously. Life is a wild ride. What I love most about you is that voice that speaks what the heart is feeling. Never apologize for being able to laugh at what we see in the mirror. Love you Bunches, Auntie G.