Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday's Lesson/ Shock and Awe

Saturday was very busy around the Palace, The King (A.K.A. Mr Queen ) had decided he was going to do yard work and that included cutting down a tree....A big that he felt was shading our garden too much...He needed the hired help...unfortunately for me, I AM THE HIRED HELP....Now, my husband knows that I am very, very Prissy, but every time he gets his chainsaw or tiller or whatever MAN contraption he has out, he thinks my name is Jim or Bob or Ray and apparently, I instantly grow testicle's....Just because I grew up in the mountains and had too work hard.....I am here to tell you... this is not so.......(I gave mine back the day I moved)I was quick to remind him (several times) I would much rather be doing something else.....I was unloading my trillionths load of wood, when I heard my beloved say..."This little tree saw a nine year drought, about forty nine years ago". "Um hum, how do know that Daniel Boone". I replied.
First of all, that was a stupid question on my part, because my husband came out of the womb working with wood...If I ever want to turn him on, I say things like Curly Maple or Birch Burl and if I'm really feeling daring I might trow in a African Mahogany (but only on special occasions).

Well, he began to show me....apparently, the close squiggly lines means a drought...Then he gave the history of the tree, and what the indians would have used it for.....What SHOCKED me was his next response...."This is what you should put on that thing you have". I was very confused... Was he talking about my BLOG?...Is he serious?....All this time, and I thought he was clueless to my blog obsessions.....He said, that this stuff is important, much more so than purses and make-up (does he really think I am that shallow). If my husband thinks this tree is blog worthy...then by all means...I will oblige him....

P.S. I do however hear the new Louis Vuitton Spring Collection calling my name.... Anyone for a new purse......

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