Friday, February 27, 2009

How do you define HOT ????

Friday ,Nesie was sharing the story of how a friend of hers had nominated her husband for Redbooks Hottest Husband 2009. And,of course as painful as it was, we all decided that we should pull him up on the website and see for our self's what this particular contestant looked like....Well, what stared back at us was nothing shy of a SMOKING HOT NAVY PILOT...I, for one felt very patriotic just looking at him.....He was perfection in a flight suit....Now, this got me thinking and I was almost ready to pack up and move to Pensacola, when I thought about what quality's in my own husband did I find SMOKIN HOT or at least Luke warm...After all, navy pilot man had fogged up my hormonal senses........I thought about this long and hard and decided that I would go back to when I had first meet my husband...

Opening doors and holding an umbrella over my head was major Hot, but then again
taking me out to eat at a place without a drive-thru window was Hot (I had made some poor choices before)
Our first Christmas dating, he bought tires for my car and Diamond Jewelry.That in my opinion was SMOKIN HOT
The first four years that we dated, I got jewelry, clothes, we vacationed together all of these were VERY HOT
But one of the greatest was when my daughter got married. Now, this man showed up at my house with a lot of the things that I wasn't going to able to buy for her wedding until my next pay check..TWO DAYS BEFORE HER WEDDING..And helped at the reception and the cleaning ( I was a single parent) THAT WAS EXTRA HOT

Things change when people get married,here are a few things that we as woman DON'T FIND HOT...AT ALL.....

Burping words...NOT HOT
Sagging Pants because you have scratched your butt off...NOT HOT
Hair in places it should not be...NOT HOT
Being in a store, restaurant,etc before I get out of car...NOT HOT
Loosing the ability to dress your self...NOT HOT
Loosing the ability to function in any normal way...NOT HOT
Feeling like you need to share how big your bowel movement was......I WONT GO THERE....

But then you have these....

Putting his hand on my lower back in a crowded room...HOT
Telling me I am beautiful when I weigh a trillion pounds...SMOKIN HOT
Excepting my family...HOT
Loving my daughter and Son-in-Law like they were your very own...UNBELIEVABLE HOT
The ability to make me laugh when no one else can...HOT
Loving me just the way I am, because I am totally screwed up...SMOKIN HOT

Who needs some ole navy pilot anyway???.........DID I JUST SAY THAT!.........

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