Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember The Reason.........

The dead soldier's silence sings our national anthem.~ Aaron Kilbourn

Have a safe a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Past Five Months....................

Y'all know I live on the edge and everyday is an adventure for me.......NOT!.....Thought I would update you on what you've been missing....I have parents who are in poor health...That's not changed...In fact the list of ailments have doubled on them...My Mother has been diagnosed with Lupus. And there pretty sure she has had it for years, she also is in Congestive Heart Failure.....None of these are pleasant.....My Daddy just had prostate surgery, the only good thing about this is the jokes he's been telling....It would be best if I didn't share those with you, my Daddy is a little twisted!

I celebrated a birthday in March that made me realize I was truly middle aged....The first half of the month I spent in a fetal position.....The second half I just cried!! A lady told me that middle age was "magical"for women.....I stood in front of a mirror naked and prayed that the "magic" would begin quickly and start with my sagging breast.....So far..No magic has happened!

I am still twenty pounds heavier than I would like to be, and with swimsuit season fast approaching I shall require a bathing suit with enough Lycra and Spandex in it to cut off my circulation if I want everything "held up and in".............Close your eyes and imagine that....Hot Right!!!

I AM STILL EXTREMELY MENOPAUSAL, And that alone is a 24/7 thrill ride!

I still have a ravishing affair with cupcakes, I've thought about eating them and then vomiting but consider that to be cruel to the pastry chef who created them.....I'm not that mean!

Just today we went to a wedding in a beautiful field, as we were walking to our seats we passed by a magical display of these little beauties....I looked at my husband and said, "This is going to be a great wedding". A cupcake is like Christmas, each bite a surprise.....I was surprised several times today!

And if you thought I would end this post with out mentioning that little beautiful bundle of love that I can't get enough of.......You were wrong!!!

I am smitten!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again................

Could it be...Is it true.....Did she finally go to the Walmart she frequents so much that they know her by name and buy a computer?????? Yes she did!!! Yippee!!!! And boy do I have a lot to tell y'all, so grab a cupcake and a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea and let's get going.....because I've been saving up!!! First off, WE HAVE A BABY BOY!!!!!!

And I am ready to start showing him off.......

So feast your eyes on this little angel here......

Elias Nathan Tibbetts

Elias means "Jehovah is God" and Nathan means " Gift of God"

Due date was May the 15th....he decided he had had enough and came 3 weeks early..."Baby Mama" had a rough pregnancy and was put on bed rest, her Graves Disease progressed enough that she will need chemo treatments....On top of that she had toxemia...she was really sick but didn't take care of her self and for months Doctors said ten different things that would be wrong with our little pea pot....after his two week check up and a kidney ultra sound he looks great!!!!! Trust me, the kidneys work fine....Having a baby boy pee in your face is new to me....Anytime his diaper is off he can pee two feet in the air...Or your face! A lot of prayers have been prayed for him and we are rejoicing!!!

There isn't an Adoption 101 class to take and there should be....It was the hardest thing I have ever been a part of and I cant even imagine what my daughter and son in-law have had to go through.....I got to know "Baby Mama" through doctors visits and a few lunches but it didn't prepare me for the birth and removal of this little miracle......When he was born we were celebrating this miracle God had given my daughter and son in-law, while a few doors down the hall another family was grieving the loss of him...A young woman who's heart was broken because she couldn't raise him and a Grandmother who had to let him go....As a Mother I felt like my heart was being ripped out, first for my own child who was in tears for days thinking that she would change her mind and keep him, and then for this other family who couldn't provide for this precious angel....I will tell you that we all cried enough to last a life time....They have 45 days to appeal the adoption...We are counting down.....THEN WE ARE CELEBRATING!!!

On top of all this fun and excitement, my Mama has Lupus and Congestive Heart Failure to go along with the list of her other ailments...My Daddy had prostate surgery.....I will save y'all the jokes my Daddy has said about that!!!!! At least his spirits are up!!! And that's all that's up!!! So he says.......

My dear friends you have been missed.....