Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Memories Part 1

I love is my most favorite holiday, always has been and I hope it always will be...I have some very magical memories of the season, not all were because of the amount of money spent but because they were spent with family during difficult times. Since we are getting close to Christmas, I thought I would share a few of mine with you over the next few days or so. I grew up rather poor so it didn't take much to knock you off your feet, like the year my daddy broke his leg and couldn't work in the mines, my parents barely bought food for us that winter, but somehow Santa came and that Easy Bake Oven is still my most treasured gift ( we found out they bought our gifts at an auction ). My Grandmother used to spend Christmas eve with us, and would have just as much fun watching us open stuff as she did. she would clap her hands and scream and laugh a pair of colorful socks. She passed when I was twelve at Christmas time, and I can only hope I have some of her Christmas spirit running around in me. Start the season off right, no matter how dysfunctional your family is, its what god blessed you with. You never know, one day you might look back and find that a broken leg or pair of socks, will fill your heart with the fondest memories.....

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