Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Here...................

She doesn't blog because her computers dies, then she buys computer and still doesn't blog.....What gives!!! Trust me, it's not because the voices in my head have stopped talking to me and the urge to tell everyone all my hidden secrets have died....Rest assured I'm still a dysfunctional mess......I'm just a busy mess.....Like most everyone in the whole wide world!!

Summer is exceptional busy inside the palace walls (someone asked me why my blog is titled Good to be a Queen and why I refer to my home as the palace, it's not because I'm totally full of my prissy self but because my last name guessed it!!! QUEEN!!!) I thought it was cute...she didn't get must be sad in her world!!

Here is the usual cast of Summer character's that keep me hopping, picking, canning, freezing and burning up in this Georgia heat!!!

It wouldn't be so bad if I glistened when I was hot, kinda like the vampires do in the Twilight movies.....Nope, not me it's a full on sweat... the kind that runs down your butt crack............YUCK!

My husband informed me yesterday that the North Ga apples will be ready for picking in three weeks, I looked at him and replied, "Oh Boy!".......He said that I didn't sound like I meant it..........I assured him I would work on my attitude........................................................So far it's not changed!

I have also decided to take my show (so to speak) on the road, and no I've not ran away and joined the carnival which by the way was my life long dream to be a "Carny" at the tender age of nine, I mean where else can you wear cut-off shorts and some old Lynyrd Skynyrd tee-shirt to work everyday....I wasn't taught to dream big....What can I say!!!.......
I was invited to sell my homemade natural bath and body products in a couple of local Farmers Markets
I felt pretty good about that until I realized they are all outside......In the mid-day Georgia heat......on a parking lot.......Need I remind you about the whole sweat and butt crack thingy!!! Tuesday's Market was 108~.....It's hard to sell your products and act like the Macy's spritzer girl when you look like your lactating.....

And my heart has be stolen and my never be returned by this little fella here....

I am 100% over the moon in love with this little boy, he has completely turned our lives upside down...I just want to eat him.....Those lips are begging to be kissed...And that wild and crazy head of hair he has...Don't get me started!!!! The adoption should be finalized sometime in August, I've never seen my daughter and son in law more exhausted and in love and complete than they are now...They are truly blessed!!! And we (Papa and Grammie) are do some spoiling!!!


The Real Me! said...

Well. What do you say to sweat running down the ol' butt crack? LOL!
It does sound like you've been busy and it is hot, that's for sure.

Your new soon to be grandson is adorable!!!!
Have a super day!

Linda said...

Hello my Queen. (I love calling you that!) I love your humor...and you ALWAYS make me smile!

I have missed your posts. I know that you must be over the moon in love with your new little grandson. CONGRATULATIONS!

I know that feeling. We got an adopted granddaughter 18 years ago. We have had 14 grandkids and 3 now live in heaven with Jesus.

So we have 11 here on earth..And I can truthfully say that our little adopted granddaughter is loved so much...and her story is special...just as special as all of the others.

God is so good!

Looking forward to more posts from you my Queen.

God Bless!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

DesertHen said...

I "got it" and think it is cute and perfect! =)

Drenching sweat + butt crack = hilarious! You crack me up!

Your grandson is ADORABLE!! Enjoy and savor every moment! =)

I haven't canned in years! There are times I miss it and then other times...not so much.

LindainNCtoo said...

Good luck with canning.

Our deer have eaten our pears off our trees the last few years so no canning pear butter, pear jelly or pear preserves since 2005.

I know....sweat in the boobs and underwear stuck to our skin. What the South is all about in the summer!!!

I am glad that the adoption will be finished soon!!

Enjoy that grandson.....a cutie pie!!