Monday, November 15, 2010

INSANE IN THE BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately I have realized a few things, I have no earthly idea how to create a website... is a 24 hour a day job and my dinning room has turned into a office/storage/distribution/creation catastrophe..............AND IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! I don't do clutter in my house and I don't do messy...But boy does my house smell good! Organically Yours (my little body products adventure) is keeping me on my toes and if that wasn't enough I shot my first wedding this weekend......And I realized why wedding photographer's make a lot of money..............OMG!!! It was a beautiful Fall day in Georgia and I actually shot the rehearsal so I could get my setting just the way I "thought" I wanted them..(key word being thought) the chapel wedding coordinator burst my little bubble when she told me no flash even with a diffuser and no tripod....We planned to start photos at 2:30 on Saturday so that would give me enough time and nobody would be rushed or stressed (the nobody I'm referring to would be me) sounds good right!.....The Bridal Party wasn't ready until 3:25.........The wedding was at 4:00.....I snapped what pics I could get in a short amount of time while guest filled the church...When the wedding started everything was a blur...I'm pretty sure I had a small stroke...Did I mention the bride is the daughter of one of my best friends....Out of 600 pics I'm hoping that 5 or so will turn out nice..........Hope, if your reading this...I'll sure miss your friendship if these don't turn out...


The Real Me! said...

Just a tad stressful my friend. My husband used to take wedding pictures BEFORE digital. You don't know if they're good until you get them developed. And it's not like you can replay the event. LOL!
So when we get situated I'm going to help clear off your table of goodies and order some more lotions and soaps!!!
Have a great night my friend.

LindainNCtoo said...

I am sure that the photos will be fine!

Just take a bubble bath in some your creations to take the stresses and worries away.

septembermom said...

I bet they all came out fine. You really tried!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Busy, busy, busy aren't you.
I bet more than five pics comr out though.

Good Luck.