Monday, October 13, 2008


There's a few things I can't do without, give me my family, sweet tea and things are great. As far as television goes, I watched two seasonal shows, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol....until now.........I am obsessed with HOB'S True Blood, I can't wait for this show to come on.This is a vampire show unlike any other I have ever seen.....Being raised in the days of Dark Shadows (see how many of you remember this one) and let's not forget that wonderful miniseries Salem's Lot. I promise you, Barnabas Collins did not look like Bill Compton, that wonderful bayou dwelling vampire of True Blood...OH MY MY.... I have to say, I love my husband very much but, there's something about this pale man that makes me want to lift my hair and turn my neck sideways..... (among other things I need to repent for)
Y'all gotta check this show out( if your into strange,weird and cute vampires ) as for Bill, I'll leave the window open..................

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alliesgg said...

Just read your secret addiction. Being bi-toler allows us secret albeit dysfunctional addictions. But that's why we love each other. Love the blog. You did great. Love you bunches. Aunt G